About us


EpiCentre Holdings Limited (“Epicentre” or the “Company”, and together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”) is one of the fastest-growing and most prominent digital lifestyle companies in Singapore. Established in 2002 as the first Apple Premium Reseller (“APR”) in the region, EpiCentre is not only the longest-serving, but also one of the most-awarded APRs in Asia. EpiCentre has redefined the shopping experience for Apple consumers by offering a comprehensive range of Apple and Apple-related products as well as pre and post-sale services in a one-stop lifestyle digital hub. The group is emphatic on locating its stores within prime districts that experience heavy footfall and this has been a key catalyst to the Group’s expansion both locally and regionally. Today, it operates 3 and 4 Epicentre stores in Singapore and Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) respectively, and 1 Live Out Loud store in Singapore & Malaysia. It has plans to further extend its footprint within these cities.


Apart from retailing Apple and Apple related products in EpiCentre stores, the Group also retails an extensive range of accessories in Live Out Loud concept store where lifestyle meets IT. The latter is a lifestyle chain that completes the shopping experience of the fashion-forward consumer. EpiCentre also believes in increasing productivity through a multi-channel point-of-sales strategy - both offline (retail) and online (e-commerce). Through e-commerce, EpiCentre seeks to continuously bring the convenience and safety of shopping online to its customers. 


Over the years, the Group has achieved multiple awards for its sterling performance. Winner of the Singapore Promising Brand Award (SPBA) for three consecutive years since 2009 under the Promising Brand category, it took the title of Overall Winner in 2010, and was inducted into the SPBA Hall of Fame in 2011. E-Curve Recognition award for six consecutive years since 2011 under Sales Excellence category. In 2015, EpiCentre was among 17 leading companies to be nominated for the Singapore Service Excellence Medallion, which honours organisations which have stimulated a transformation in the local service industry and have raised the bar in service excellence. Since 2003, the Group has also bagged numerous accolades for its accomplishments as a partner of Apple. These include the honour of winning the Platinum Partner Award during the South Asia Conference 2010 and achieving Apple Best POS Asia from 2006 to 2008.


EpiCentre was listed on the Catalist Board of the Singapore Exchange on 18 January 2008.